My Dad: David Morgan Moulton

My Dad David Morgan Moulton 08 10 2015Last week, I said goodbye to my father for the last time.

100% true to form, he was cracking wise and fully present until the very end (lung cancer). I now realize what a profound gift that is—to have both the time and the motivation to say what is most important.

We shared lots of memories those last few days. First up? The day he was determined to teach me to ride my bike without the training wheels. I was scared and kept delaying the inevitable. That day he just took them off, promising me he’d hold on while I rode down the incline that was our driveway. Continue reading

First You Create

First You Create 08 03 2015“Don’t confuse getting inspired with getting things done. Create before you consume.” Marie Forleo

Sheila’s advisory practice was in growth mode. Her big challenge? Devoting the time to build her digital platform to grow beyond her current client base. But Sheila decided to make content creation—an article plus a few blog posts a month—a priority. Like clockwork, Sheila blocked time on her calendar to write. She even stockpiled a couple of months’ worth just to give herself some wiggle room.

Darryl’s plate was every bit as full as Sheila’s. The difference? Continue reading

Why Your Business Should Be Like A Tiny House

Photo credit: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Photo credit: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Have you been following the tiny house trend?

The extreme version of a tiny house clocks in at less than 200 square feet, ranging up to about 750, depending on who’s doing the counting.

You know the movement has built some steam when it sparked another “HouseHunters” HGTV spin-off.

What’s so enticing about a tiny house anyway? I think our appetites get whetted with what I call house porn—those beautifully shot, luscious photos currently making the rounds on the blogosphere. Continue reading

Personal Brand Gravity (Minus Shameless Self Promotion)

Personal Brand Gravity 07 13 2015[grav-i-tee]

  1. the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the center of the earth.
  2. heaviness or weight.
  3. serious or dignified behavior.

“James” is brilliant at what he does in personal finance. His unique genius lies not in the technical (although he ranks amongst the top in his profession in that regard), but in asking clients the difficult questions they need to consider as they grapple with their financial lives. Continue reading

Going Rogue

Going Rogue 07 06 2015You know there’s something bigger you’re ready to do.

Grow your practice, expand your platform, finally write that book.

But what got you to where you are right now won’t get you there.

You’re ready to go rogue.

To break away from the pack. To zig when everyone else is zagging. Continue reading

What’s A True Fan Worth?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“A True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce.” Kevin Kelly

How cool is that?

Clients and buyers who will scoop up EVERYTHING you offer up.

How many of those do you have right now, this minute?

And how would it change your work—not to mention your life—if you had more? Many more… Continue reading

Ditch The Lemonade Stand Mindset

Ditch The Lemonade Stand Mindset 06 15 2015In my first company, we quickly outgrew our office space. Expansion wasn’t an option and to make things worse, we were in the midst of a booming commercial rental market. We scoured the city with our broker for months, searching for the right combination of space, location and price. When we finally found the perfect spot, it came with an outsized price tag that gave me pause. A very long pause.

As I sat with that contract—pen poised in my hand—the reality of signing up for a $639,000 debt truly hit me. No matter what else happened, I’d be personally on the hook for over half a million dollars.

There would be no turning back. Continue reading

The Art Of Selling You

The Art Of Selling You 06 08 2015Yes, there’s a science to selling and marketing. And yes, there’s a book for that. Or 240,372 of them according to Amazon.

The science says you take specific actions. You return calls and emails swiftly (as a form of respect, not because your client necessarily needs it). You work ethically with the long-game in mind (because you’re building clients/buyers and a business for life). You’re consistently helpful (the rule of reciprocity says it will come back to you). And you share social proof (because we want what people like us have). Continue reading

The Secret Weapon To Loving Your Work

Love saving workaholic peopleYou started your business in a blaze of excitement and unbridled optimism.

You were beyond thrilled to get your first (and second and third) client and bent over backwards to make sure they were happy.

You did most everything yourself because hey—it costs money to hire people and you’ve got a big nut to hit every month.

Before you knew it, you were doing your client work, coding your own website, writing blog posts, trying to make sense of social media and learning QuickBooks. Oh and there’s that book/training/workshop/speech/webinar you’ve been jonesing to develop but keep putting off. Where would you find the time? Continue reading

When Your Bio Needs A Makeover

Photo Credit: The Pet Collective

Photo Credit: The Pet Collective

Does reading your bio make you feel confident, happy, excited to be you? (Can I have a “yeah, baby”?)

Or does it make you cringe, frustrated that it doesn’t really capture you—your savvy, your style, your contribution to the planet. It’s got no sizzle…

Can we talk makeover?

Sure, you can hire yourself a bio writer (there are clear advantages to getting a fresh perspective), but maybe you want to take a stab at it yourself first. To get clear on EXACTLY what will sear you into the collective memory of your sweet-spot audience. Continue reading