How Not To Suck At Social Media

How Not To Suck At Social Media 11 17 2014Let’s just be clear, right up front.

Building your audience—especially your social audience—means power. Power to spread your ideas, power to serve more people and yes, power to build your earnings.

Can we agree this power is good?

Then not sucking at social media matters. It’s worth a little time and effort to do it right. Continue reading

Will You Be Unforgettable in 2015?

White_SpaceBefore you know it, 2015 will be here. Are you ready to take your market by storm?

If yes—awesome! I can’t wait to cheer you on.

But if you’ve been struggling with building your on-line platform and business, this offer may be for you. This Fall, for the first time ever, I’m offering a full on-line platform assessment.

I’ll review your website and blog, all your social media, your email marketing and your website analytics—how well do they reflect your brand, build trust and fuel growth? Continue reading

A Rallying Cry To Stir Up Your Tribe

A Rallying Cry To Stir Up Your Tribe 11 10 2014A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea.” Seth Godin

Building your tribe is a critical part of success in the modern age.

The best tribes reject the status quo—they crave something more. By engaging their minds AND their hearts, you can win them over to become apostles for your ideas and, well, you.

So how do you stir them up? Continue reading

Dealing With A Negotiator

What’s a Negotiator? SO glad you asked. It’s that client who always wants a deal–it’s as though bargaining is in their DNA.

So unless you want to put yourself permanently “on sale”, you have to nip their negotiation attempts right up front. Here’s how. Continue reading

Five High-Maintenance Clients To Avoid

Five High-Maintenance Clients To Avoid 11 04 2014Ah, clients—we need them, we crave them. Consultants, coaches, advisors and freelancers mostly live in attraction mode, constantly building a vibrant roster of sweet-spot clients.

But not every client is a good client. So while you’re courting new relationships, beware of five types of clients almost never worth the trouble.

The Negotiator. The Negotiator gets a thrill every time they get a deal. They ask ”is this your lowest price?” or “I know you said this will cost $20,000, but I’m only prepared to spend $15,000—when can we start?” Negotiating prices makes sense for hotels, but since when are you a commodity? Sure, there may be times it makes sense to make a deal—you have idle staff or it’s a project you’ve been itching to do—but the classic Negotiator will ALWAYS want a deal. So unless you are ready to put yourself permanently on sale, keep a wide berth from these clients. Continue reading

Selling Yourself Is Not Optional

Selling Yourself Is Not Optional 10 27 2014Last week I met “Kathy” a brilliant thinker and compelling speaker wrestling with where to take her still-young business. When she first left her big kahuna job to start her consulting firm, she was a whirling dervish—speaking (for free) on every industry panel she could talk her way onto, intent on setting herself up for lucrative consulting assignments.

The feedback from her speeches was always stellar—her comments were tweeted and retweeted, her sessions were highly ranked and she was consistently invited to present again (and even scored a few referrals to speak at other events).

And yet, after six months, not even a nibble to discuss consulting, much less an actual assignment. She KNEW she nailed her content and was highly respected in the industry. She couldn’t understand why her phone wasn’t ringing. Continue reading

Brand You: Dominatrix or Librarian?

Brand You Dominatrix or Librarian? 10 20 2014When it comes to Brand You, the prevailing wisdom is that the I-must-be-obeyed warrior always trumps the let-me-help-you-learn-maven.

Not necessarily.

I once worked with a quiet, meek even, accountant. Let’s call him Lester. He labored daily in an isolated cubicle—friendly, but a true introvert. He spent his days quite happily filling out arcane government forms for big corporations.

When he overheard me frantically trying to fill a last minute speaker cancellation, Lester volunteered to talk about his specialty. Continue reading

The George Clooney Effect

The George Clooney Effect 10 13 2014You’ve seen George Clooney. Handsome, debonair, quick-witted. Everything he does is tinged with almost impossibly easy-going glamour.

His appearance at an event—say the New York Comic Con in the midst of his honeymoon—instantly takes it up a notch. Or seven. The crowd around him moves like a wave, trying to ensure they are close to a power source.

And yet with all that wattage, he still manages to come across as a real guy, humble and grateful, while swashbuckling around the globe. He uses his power to shine the light on the causes and projects that matter most to him. Everything he touches seems infinitely brighter for his presence.

The George Clooney effect. Continue reading

What Comes Naturally To You Is Your Greatest Differentiator

What Comes Naturally To You Is Your Greatest Differentiator 10 06 2014Think about that for a moment.

Your greatest differentiator is what you might very well be taking for granted.

Let’s be clear: It’s probably not about your technical prowess, even if that’s what you think you’re selling. It may be the way you build relationships. How you break down the complex and make it simple. Your special talent for translating ideas into images.

Is Richard Branson’s true talent building companies or how he connects with people? Is Malcolm Gladwell a staff reporter or a collector/writer of stories that intersect with intriguing research? Is Twyla Tharp a choreographer or a translator of streetwise wisdom into movement? Continue reading

True Colors

True Colors 09 29 2014True (troo): being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something.

“Andrea” is a six-figure earning trainer, a budding speaker and a woman with some big dreams.

On the phone, Andrea is mesmerizing. She is profoundly articulate, has developed a “big idea” with some legs and is completely focused on serving her audience—a classic heart-centered entrepreneur. Clients and referrals keep her steadily busy with training projects.

The problem? She wants a bigger life and platform as a motivational speaker on an issue near and dear to her. And while clients love her, she isn’t jelling with the larger digital audience she envisions for herself. Continue reading