How To Pitch Yourself—And Your Content—To New Media

How To Pitch Yourself—And Your Content—To New Media 01 26 2015A year after I started my first company, I got a big lesson in using media. I’d hired a publicist to help us build our authority as experts and—ultimately—bring us new clients. When she asked for my dream goal, I blurted “the cover of the Wall St Journal” since that was the biggest “get” I could imagine.

Suppressing a laugh, she explained that would be the ultimate stretch goal and I should adjust my sights. Not two months later, there we were, featured in a cover story about small firms making big waves.

The only problem? Being profiled in The Wall St Journal was more about stroking my ego than being the perfect perch to pitch clients. Continue reading

Use Your Time Creatively

Use Your Time Creatively 01 19 2015“We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right”  -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King wrote these words in 1963 from the Birmingham jail in a letter to his fellow clergyman. They had publicly called out his (non-violent) protest campaign as “unwise and untimely”.

I propose, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, that we use our time creatively. Continue reading

How To Make Your First Business Book Wildly Successful

How To Make Your First Business Book Wildly Successful 01 12 2014Advisors, experts—professionals of all stripes—debate (sometimes for years) whether to devote the time and emotional energy to write their first book.

So let’s just cut to the chase.

If you can answer yes to BOTH these questions, you’ve got something worth investing in: Continue reading

Productive Paranoia

Productive Paranoia 01 05 2015I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions.

They feel too soft. Squishy.

I much prefer the concrete—dates, actions, outcomes (and consequences). Otherwise, it’s just too easy to focus on my clients’ business while forgetting to forge my own.

Sound familiar?

What if 2015 could be the year that changes everything? The year you go after your dream—your on-line audience, your book, your speaking career, your dream client niche? Continue reading

Three Tactics To Win More Clients in 2015 (Part 3)

Three Tactics To More Clients In 2015 (Part 1) 12 15 2014Today we’re talking about the third ticket to building the audience and revenue you need to make 2015 your break-through year. If you’re just joining, you can catch up here on Part 1: Refresh Your Website and Part 2: Make Media Work For You.

Tactic #3: Build Your Digital List.

You might think this isn’t all that important, especially if you’re getting plenty of leads by referral and have a decent close rate.

You would be wrong. Continue reading

Three Tactics To Win More Clients in 2015 (Part 2)

Three Tactics To More Clients In 2015 (Part 1) 12 15 2014Last week, I gave you some tips to make sure that your “billboard”—AKA your website—is not only current, but compelling and, well, YOU.

Once you’ve got your message firmly in place for all to see, you are ready to build out your platform—and make some magic—with Tactic #2: Make media work for you.

Here’s the thing about media: it’s a little like dating. If you attach yourself too much to a specific outcome, you will be disappointed. Continue reading

Three Tactics To Win More Clients in 2015 (Part 1)

Three Tactics To More Clients In 2015 (Part 1) 12 15 2014If you are itching to spend some time with what’s left of the year to make some major inroads into building your client base, this three-part series will be right up your alley.


You want to build not only revenue right now, but create a vibrant pipeline of future clients.

You want to be more visible so you can spend less time selling and more time doing.

You aren’t looking for get-rich-quick schemes, but are committed to the reliable consistency that is the mark of a true professional. Continue reading

How To Sell Like You’re Building A Tribe

How To Sell Like You’re Building A Tribe 12 08 2014Meet Ed Etheridge.

A staple at the local Farmers’ Market, Ed is my go-to guy for fruit. Every Thursday like clockwork, I check in with him to taste what’s new, hear his stories about organic farming and buy my week’s supply.

Ed’s joy is introducing as many people as possible to his family’s work of art and abiding passion—organic fruit.

What is that if not tribe-building?

The beauty of how Ed sells is that you can use the same elements to build your tribe, whether you’re pitching advice, books or products. On-line or off-line. The key is in the experience you offer your audience. Continue reading

Should You REALLY Write That Book?

Should You REALLY Write That Book? 12 01 2014I can’t even count how many times I’ve been approached by would-be authors with a book idea, looking for feedback on how it could build their brand.

We’re talking about “experts”: the consultant, researcher, niche-master. (Note: this advice is NOT for would-be novelists or memoir writers.)

Your driving reason for writing a book is not to tell your story or explore your creative muse (although you’ll need to do both), but to drive your business.

The question you struggle with is this: should you dedicate hundreds of hours of your time researching, writing, editing—and let’s not forget marketing—your book? Is it the right investment for you? Continue reading

Lighting The Flame

Lighting The Flame 11 24 2014“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us” Albert Schweitzer

Think about that, this Thanksgiving week.

About all the times that your light went out—work evaporating, the loss of a dear one, addiction, a creative wasteland, illness.

Remember how you came out of it?

Chances are, someone—maybe even a relative stranger—saw something in you that you were unable to recognize right then. Continue reading