What To Do When The Universe Isn’t Cooperating

What To Do When The Universe Isn't Cooperating 04 13 2015You’ve got a plan, a vision even.

It might be bold—say hitting the New York Times bestseller list.

Or finally breaking six or seven figures in your business.

Or maybe you’ve got more modest aspirations—like getting your first client in your new gig.

But it ain’t happening. Continue reading

Five Styles Of Personal Brand Authority

Five Styles Of Personal Brand Authority 03 30 2015Personal brand authority: when you’re recognized as a leading expert by your sweet-spot clients and buyers.

What’s it buy you?

Instant credibility.

Which gives you the power to influence—and often to lead—the conversation in your niche. Your ideas get aired and you become THE go-to authority. Oh and did I mention it also paves the way to price yourself at the top of the heap? So there’s that… Continue reading

Instant Authority: We’re Live!

Are You An Instant Authority 03 19 2015I’m thrilled to announce that Instant Authority is now open.

I’ve built this course to teach you how to parlay your talents, experiences and point of view into a one-of-a-kind platform that delivers Instant Authority.

Every bit has been field-tested over the last eight years with my clients—dozens of consultants, coaches, advisors, authors, speakers and freelancers.

We’re talking: Continue reading

Are You Ready To Be A Bono?

The difference between an “average” authority and a rock star expert is like the difference between your neighborhood accountant and Bono.

Being Bono is pretty sweet. I mean hey—he’s a rock star!

He creates what speaks to him and fans line up to buy it. He has his pick of venues and tour dates and plays with world-class band mates. He’s an activist who supports his heartfelt causes. And yes, he gets paid like a rock star.

Wouldn’t you rather be a Bono? Continue reading

Are You An Instant Authority?

Are You An Instant Authority 03 19 2015A few days ago, I told you about the catalyst for building my own authority platform.

But what is an “authority platform” exactly?

Think of it like this: it’s what you do to sell your services, books and products.

And nothing sells more reliably consistently than a robust on-line presence.

So how do you get there? Continue reading

Building Your Authority Platform

Building Your Authority Platform 03 16 2015I was 26 when my career changed forever.

A new law passed that completely upended how our clients handled health care—and as the junior consultant, I was selected to become the “expert” in our Chicago office.

I pored over hundreds of pages—the law itself and detailed analyses by our crack team of attorneys. I traded insights with my counterparts in other offices. As my confidence grew, I was excited to start briefing actual clients. Since the issue was heating up in the marketplace, the practice leader decided to host an in-office client briefing and asked me to be the presenter. Continue reading

So You Want To Be A Visionary

So You Want To Be A Visionary 03 09 2015You’re at a cocktail party and a confident guy strolls over, drink in hand and introduces himself: “Hi, I’m Ted and I’m a visionary. What do you do?”

Happens all the time, right?

Of course not (and if it does, you need new friends).

So why are Twitter and LinkedIn bios littered with titles like “visionary”, “futurist” and “thought leader”? Continue reading

Creating Magnetic Client Experiences

Creating Magnetic Client Experiences 03 02 2015Last year, I plunked down $2,000 for a digital course. I didn’t spend months agonizing over the price point, wringing my hands wondering if it would work for me. I read the expert’s materials, watched his videos, tried his free advice (it worked beautifully), and signed on the dotted line.

My reasoning: If the “free” client experience was that good, imagine what was behind the pay wall?

Best $2,000 I ever spent. Continue reading

Juicing Your Creativity

Juicing Your Creativity 02 23 2015“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

Creativity: the renewable and potentially exponential energy source within us all that allows you to transcend the traditional and explore the uncharted.

How you choose to express yours sets you apart from everyone else in your space.

So keeping your creativity stoked matters. Continue reading

When You Do It For Love

When You Do It For Love 02 09 2015Ellen DeGeneres. Daniel Pink. Marianne Williamson. Steven Pressfield. Alexa von Tobel.

What do they have in common?

They do what they do for love.

Don’t get me wrong—they didn’t blindly stumble into success. They are talented and skilled, working with immense discipline and consistency.

But their drive—why they do what they do—comes from love. Continue reading